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The Raritan Valley Road Runners are a central running club in New Jersey that is looking for new members, new runners and new athletes for the coming season. SHORE ATHLETIC CLUB is, according to its website, "a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to the specialties of athletics.

Membership is not limited geographically, but consists mainly of runners from the Highland Park, Piscataway and Highlands Park areas in New Jersey. Runners from both countries will be drawn to the races at Highlander Park and PISCATaway.

If you're someone who enjoys an occasional cocktail, pint or glass of whisky, this Garden State Hangout is the perfect place to sit by the fire with a good book, have something to eat and talk to someone new. Whether you're staying overnight, stopping for dinner, a bowl of seasonal punch or meeting up with friends and eating something - food and live music. As a small town, Lambertville has a number of cosy historic bars, hotels and restaurants that make a winter visit so attractive. Try to get comfortable at the historic inn, located in the heart of the historic city center on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue, and meet, gather and have something to eat and drink, eat, enjoy live music and behave while eating.

The Tavern continues the tradition of fine dining, combining modern American cuisine with a modern twist on classic New Jersey. There is a really comfortable room with a fantastic view of the Hudson River and a wide selection of wines and beers.

Encouraging young people to do something for themselves, their youth club and their community are supported by caring adult volunteers. The place is arranged in such a way that it offers the association members fun and positive experiences, whereby the emphasis lies on youth development, education and community commitment.

Weekend club runs are held all year round on Saturday and Sunday mornings and are usually held in Annandale, Readington and Clinton counties. Rothschild noted that the disco area began with clubs in Passaic and Paterson and spread to other suburbs. Music began to change in the late 1970s, with the New York radio station WKTU leading the movement with a disco format.

J's, where the Clairmont Diner is now located, with bands and a DJ that attract large crowds on weekends and Tuesday. Krackers attracts a lot of audiences over the weekend and hosts a weekly dance party with DJ Johnny Tripp on Saturday night. Casey's is doing big business during the week, attracting even bigger crowds with his wacky gong talent show with the Challenger Meade Band.

The 1970s set the stage for everything that followed, including what's going on in club music and fashion today, Rothschild said. Well-dressed customers pack the bar and dance floor, their ears are sounded by steady disco beats. Colored lights flash in the background as the DJs become local entertainment celebrities.

The Hill Runners running club was founded in 1999 and is open to everyone. According to its website, the club has about 100 members, who are fairly evenly divided between men and women.

Founded in 1988, the Hoboken Harriers Running Club is "the oldest running club in New Jersey and one of the oldest in the surrounding Hudson County," according to its website. Founded in 1999, it is supported by the American Heart Association and the National Runners Association, the two largest organizations for running in New Jersey, as well as many other organizations.

It's also one of the activities many members start at the annual Hoboken Harriers Running Club feast. Although a rival club claims it is a "partygoer who likes to run," I have always known that it is a party for runners who like to party! When my fake ID didn't work, I would always go to Tick-tock Diner and say, "Screw it, let's eat!

This place is really fun to hang out in, whether you're a new wave runner or just a regular New Jersey resident, it's always fun. I always do a great job when I talk to other new wobbly candidates on the promenade, so be sure to visit the club down there for a few drinks and a good old fashioned beer.

The Mets nearly won the World Series in 1973, the Yankees showed us how to do it in 1977-78, and the New York Giants and Jets stayed away from the Super Bowl. Almost every night, a person could walk down the street and find out on New Year's Eve. In the 1980s, it continued to thrive, attracting more people than ever before, drawing customers from almost every North Jersey city and making Clifton a place to be seen after dark. People are so friendly, whether you're a lifelong friend or not, it's one of the best places in New Jersey.

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